Welcome to ‘Downton’

By: eleanormarriott

Nov 24 2013

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Focal Length:105mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 500D

When I’m not gallivanting around the world with my camera (see the evidence in my travel photography blog The Daily Post), I take refuge in the village of Bampton in Oxfordshire – the idea being that I put the camera away in order to spend my time cataloguing those photos that I have taken in  exotic places like India and Mexico.

But that is proving increasingly difficult as I am staying in no ordinary village. Not only is it a very pretty little place full of English idyllic dwellings – complete with all the important attributes such as stone walls, smoking chimneys and brass knockers; but it also lies in the heart of the picturesque Cotswolds area of England. And as if that isn’t enough, it is also the fictional village of ‘Downton’ – i.e. the village where the external scenes of Downton Abbey are filmed.

So, as I went on my strolls around the village and surrounding woods and fields, I found myself reaching for my camera again as I stepped out the door. So, I thought it would be nice to share some of my photos as kind of ‘behind the scenes’ shots of the village we have all grown so fond of. That way all you fans of Downton Abbey (yes, the millions of you scattered around the world) may get a better idea of what the home of ‘Downton Abbey’ would look like today  – just supposing the family really did exist and continued to live here…

Naturally, I don’t want to spoil the magic by taking photos of things you don’t want to see. But it is actually proving very easy to take some beautiful, delicate pictures without having to be very selective. That’s because Bampton has a serene and gentle yet at the same time dignified presence. Which explains why it caught the eye of the writer and producers of Downton Abbey and why it has captured the hearts of millions ever since.

So, welcome to ‘Downton’. I hope these images will make your hearts swell a little bit more with affection for Downton Abbey and the family who, with a little bit of our collective imagination, resides in that grand manor just around the corner.

In fact, if you look carefully you can just see Isis, the family labrador, about to come around the corner…


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