I am a  photographer and writer. I have had several solo exhibitions of my travel photography in London and my work has been featured in magazines and on websites including the BBC and The Independent. I have another blog: The Enchanted Eye which mostly features my travel photography. I created this blog because I wanted somewhere to post the photographs that I take in between travels; and it occurred to me that there may be some curiosity in seeing how the lovely English village of Downton looks when the cameras have stopped rolling.

It is also a journey of discovery for me as I am not from this part of the country. However, first my sister (with her family) moved here a few years ago, then my parents also re-located here. So it has become my new ‘home base’ whenever I return to England.

I am curious to know more about the village, including its history – are there for example any parallels with Downton Abbey? Who originally lived in the manor house where Violet, the Dowager Countess of Grantham now ‘resides’? (As an aside, by coincidence my family are traditionally from Grantham in Lincolnshire and my great-grandmother, who was a wealthy landowner, would have lived in a house of similar stature to Violet during the same period of English history!)

So join me on this trip of discovery as I find out more about the little English village with its dual personality and now one foot still in the past, thanks to the glorious creation that is Downton Abbey.


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